The foundation of the i-Park Hotel’s success is the FR Catering brand (from the initials of the founder Farroch Radjeh). Just a few minutes by foot from the hotel you can find the headquarter of FR Catering. We plan and launch all our events from here.

FR HotelManagement GmbH has been the operator of the i-Park Hotel since July 2022.

You can find more information about us and what we do here: http://www.frcatering.de


Service is our life. Regardless of any time and place, we are a reliable and competent partner when it comes to planning and realizing a successful hotel stay or event. How do we manage that? FR Catering is a family. Grown from within, strong and stable, each person knows the strengths and weaknesses of the other one. This is why we have been successful in the event industry since 1987 and now we are also in the hotel industry since 2022.

We love and live service that you experience.

That is our philosophy.

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We do our best to run our hotel as sustainably as possible. This includes self-evident things like waste separation, e-mobility and energy savings wherever it is possible. Especially in the area of gastronomy, the appreciation of resources and food is particularly important to us.

Read our sustainability concept at https://www.frcatering.de/portrait/nachhaltigkeit


Founded over 30 years ago, the family business FR Catering has developed into one of the most successful and important B2b caterers in Germany under the leadership of Farroch Radjeh.

Today, his daughter Helena and son-in-law Tobias Radjeh stand by his side and will be the next and second generation to lead the company into the future.

FR CATERING – A strong family, a strong team.

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FR Catering does not only stand for a strong family business and professional catering for 35 years. Above all, we are known for our first-class food. We are inspired and supplied by nature, seasonal offerings and our regional suppliers. And as a matter of fact: it should be a feast for the eyes too.

At the same time, we avoid unnecessary ChiChi. We like clearly defined foods that are presented in a refined and creative way.

That is our promise of quality to you.

That is the service we provide.


From the region for the region…

  • Bakery Schöpf, Giebelstadt // Bread & baked goods
  • Metzgerei Schürger, Werneck // meat and sausages
  • Viktor Nußbaumer, Kürnach // local bulk supplier of regional foodstuffs such as fruit & vegetables
  • Arndt, Dettelbach // cleaning products